2018 KiteFoil Gold Cup Binhai Weifang China

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Weifang is a well-known tourist city in China, for being the home to kites. Binhai Weifang has been hosting kiteboard events since 2009 and gradually developing its infrastructure. it is no longer a desolate place, but now a famous seashore resort in the north of China with excellent seashore facilities, e.g.hotels, restaurants and baths. The new beach in Binhai Weifang receives over fifty thousand tourists every weekend.

This event is sponsored by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, one of the largest tourism groups in the north of China, who runs the hotels and other beach entertainment facilities in Binhai Weifang. The Group is now building a new hotel by the beach and the riders will be staying in the new hotel during this event. The sponsor has also prepared the event facilities in accordance with the international standards.

Event Information:

Event Dates: 31 August 2018 – 05 September 2018

On-site Registration Date: 31 August 2018 (For more information about the event, please refer to the NOR.)

Prize: 60,000 EUR in total

Divisions: Kitefoil


Event Organizer: 

Chinese Yachting Association CYA

China Kiteboard Union


Event Director:  Zhai Dahui



Visa is required for visiting China. It takes 7 to 10 days to apply for visa in some areas. Riders please apply for tourist visa at Chinese embassies as soon as possible. For riders’ visa application we can provide hotel reservation form. If you need hotel reservation form or event invitation, please send email to info@chinakitesurf.com and let us know your full name and passport number. 



Sponsor will provide free accommodation and food for riders from 30 August to 6 September (Reminder: Here means check out on 6th morning, as room rate of 6th night will be charged). Riders hotel which is 100 meters away from competition spot, provides twin rooms and double rooms, 2 riders will stay in one twin room. If riders prefer to stay alone in one room, it requires 30 USD extra charge per day. For coaches and riders' families or friends, please pay for corresponding rates for rooms you choose. Riders who need to book hotel rooms please send email to info@chinakitesurf.com, let us know your check-in and check-out dates and room type you prefer.


Free meals will provided for riders by the sponsor. There are also restaurants by the beach providing local food. 



The most convenient airport to Binhai Weifang is Qingdao International Airport(TAO). Volunteers will meet riders at Qingdao airport on 29-30 August with free shuttles taking riders to event hotel. On 6 September, free shuttles will also be available for taking riders to Qingdao airport. Riders please send your detailed flight information to info@chinakitesurf.com as soon as possible after registration, for organizing committee to arrange shuttles.



The competition spot features flat water and clean beach and riders can safely walk on the beach barefoot. 


Temperature and Wind:

Temperature in Weifang is about 25-30°C in September. Apparent temperature is lower if it's cloudy or windy. Riders are suggested to prepare a wet suit. Wind may change from 8 to 25 knots, but the wind won't be too strong mostly.


Equipment Delivery Service:

The event organizer will hold another Gold Cup event in Pingtan China starting on 10 September. For riders who compete in both events in Weinfang and Pingtan, the organizer will provide equipment delivery service. After the competition, on 5 September, the riders may give the equipment to the organizer and the organizer will arrange the express delivery to Pingtan. The delivery fee for each set of equipment is 60 USD. According to Chinese transportation laws, no fluid or electronics is allowed in the baggage.




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