2019 KiteFoil World Series PingTan

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Pingtan covers a total area of 371 square kilometers. It is becoming China’s largest free trade zone and one of China’s fastest growing regions. Much local traditional architecture and folk are kept in Pingtan, which also features beautiful beaches and clean sea water.

Well known for the best wind in China, Pingtan is perfect for kiteboard all year round with many beautiful beaches that ensure enjoyment of kiteboard with all wind directions. Kiteboard has been strongly supported by the local government. A number of kiteboard events are held annually in Pingtan.

The beach for the competition and the hotel in which the riders will be staying are both close to the downtown of Pingtan, where there are a lot of restaurants of seafood and local cuisine as well as excellent service facilities. Riders can enjoy easy city life during the event.

Event Information

Event Date: 12-17 September, 2019

Divisions:   Kitefoil   


Event Organizer:  

Chinese Yachting Association CYA

China Kiteboard Union 

Event Director:  Zhai Dahui 

Event Location: 

Longwangtou Beach, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone 

Event Prize Money: 40000 USD

Geography and Weather

Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone is located in Fujian Province, China. It is warm and humid all year round with a subtropical monsoon climate, every September is the best season for kiteboarding, the temperature is expected to be around 30-35°C.

Wind and WaterPingtan lies in the narrow northern segment of the Taiwan Straits. Northeasterly wind is the strongest from September to December and about 20-35 knots. Small-size kites are recommended.

Pingtan has various beaches. Longwangtou Beach for the competition has waves when windy, but there is flat water between waves


The nearest airport to Pingtan is Fuzhou Changle Airport (FOC). There is an airport bus from the airport to Pingtan, taking 1 hour and 40 minutes and costing 50 RMB (8 USD). Taxi from Fuzhou Airport to Pingtan costs about 60 USD.Turn right from the exit and walk about 100 meters, you will see the airport bus stop. 

Airport bus timetable

Pingtan-Fuzhou Airport        5:20   7:00   9:30   12:00   15:00   17:00

Fuzhou Airport-Pingtan      11:30   13:30   15:30   18:00   20:30   22:30 

It's a 3-hour drive from Xiamen Airport to Pingtan and there is no airport bus. The taxi fare is over 200 USD.You can get off at Fuqing or Fuzhou Station if you take the high-speed railway. There is a bus from the railway station to Pingtan, costing 20-30 RMB (3-5 USD).

If riders need to arrange a car pick-up or other services, please email info@chinakitesurf.com in advance. 


Visa is required for visiting China. It takes 7 to 10 days to apply for visa in some areas, riders please apply for tourist visa at Chinese embassies as soon as possible. For riders’ visa application we would provide hotel reservation form, so please send your full name and passport number via email. 


Pingtan is a popular tourist resort with many fine hotels. Riders of this event will stay in Yucheng Seaview International Hotel, one of the best hotel in Pingtan with best services, which is only 200 meters away from the beach across Huandao Road. WIFI is provided in each hotel room and international credit cards are accepted.

Discount price for riders is 580 RMB (about 80 USD) per room with twin bed, the price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.




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